Quickstart evening course A1-A2

Course details

ONLINE format: 12 lessons per week

  • Course times: Mon - Thu, 18h15 - 20h45 
  • Duration: 60 lessons per sublevel, 10 course weeks for the complete A1 level
  • Price: 120,00 € per week + once-off registration fee (25,00 €), course material included

ON-SITE format: 8 lessons per week

  • Course times: Mon - Thu, 17h50 - 19h20 or 19h30 - 21h00
  • Duration: 2 course month (32 sessions, 64 lessons) for A1.1, 4 months (64 sessions, 128 lessons) for the whole A1 level
  • Price: 2 months booking: 370,00€ per month + once-off registration fee (25,00 €), course material included, 4 months booking: 350,00€ per month + once-off registration fee (25,00 €), course material included
FAQ Quickstart evening courses
What are the steps up to my registration?
  1. Have a consulting session (via phone, Skype, Zoom or in person) so we can discuss course level as well as specific difficulties, requests and timelines
  2. Take our placement test - we will send you the results and invite you to a trial lesson
  3. Take a trial lesson in one or two courses to confirm we have suggested the right level
  4. Sign up for the course you enjoyed
  5. We will send your invoice via e-mail, which you can pay in cash, via PayPal or bank transfer
  6. Participate in your language course ;)
What happens if a public holiday falls on a course day - do I receive a refund?

You sign up for course months, not calender months. That means, if a public holiday falls on a course day and you don't have classes, we will add the missed course day to the end of the course. You will therefore definitely have 24 course days / 3 course months. You can find all details and your course timeline in your confirmation e-mail, which you receive before course start.

Do I have to pay a whole month when I join in the middle of the course?

No, in this case we only charge as of the starting date.

Do I have to pay in case of sickness?

Participants are not entitled to any compensation for lessons not taken due to illness or vacation. We do provide the course material from classes missed due to sickness. If you have to drop out of the course because you've missed too much due to sickness, please talk to us and we'll find a solution.

How can I receive a discount?
  • You receive a 2% discount on prepayment, which means you pay the course in full before course start.
  • Come with a friend or colleague and benefit from our "bring-your-buddy" discount of 10%.
  • Note that only one disount per course is applicable.
What do I have to know about the online courses?

Learning and teaching online

  • Is challenging. We come up with tailormade offers and professional solutions in order to maintain our communicative way of teaching in an online setting.
  • Join us for a free trial lesson and try it out yourself.
  • Technology:  Watch the video in which our teacher Sophie explains how we work online and what you need for your first online class!
  • Read more comments of our students regarding our online teaching: Reviews
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